Member Survey Results are in! Thank you to everyone that participated!


HSG Health Systems Group in collaboration with Quadreal Property Group conducted a member engagement and satisfaction survey among the members at Western Canadian Place Fitness Centre with the following three objectives:

  • Identify the level of engagement among the membership at the WCP fitness Centre.
  • Indentify the current level of member satisfaction
  • Identify what the WCP Fitness Centre needs to start doing, stop doing and continue to do in order to provide more value to the membership.


In total, 271 individuals responded to the survey that was conducted in November of 2017. Current members were asked to provide their opinions through an email survey that was set up through Survey Monkey.  By having 271 respondents, we were able to achieve a 95% confidence level from this survey.

The first 10 questions of the Survey were designed to measure the membership’s level of engagement with the WCP Fitness Centre, 14 questions were used to measure the member’s current level of satisfaction with the programs and services, and the balance of the survey was used to identify specific demographic information about the membership. 


Overall, we were very pleased with the response rate from the membership. By having the level of participation we experienced, the WCP Fitness Centre’s staff has reliable information for future plans that will benefit the majority of the membership. Further to that, we will use this feedback in order to increase the engagement and satisfaction levels of our membership.

If you have further questions, please contact Kory Conrad, General Manager of the WCP Fitness Centre.

Check out the 2017 Survey Results here!



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