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Exercise & Stress

Turkey to Turkey!

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We know 2020 has been a difficult and frustrating year for many but it’s not over yet! Time to turn the year around and challenge your health and fitness habits. See the details below & e-mail to register. Please note: due to limited space in the gym, the entire challenge is able to be completed in the comfort of your home!   Oh, and did we mention there are prizes?


NEWSLETTER Return to Work


NEWSLETTER Ergonomics At Home


Please see the video above for proper deadlift form. Trainer: Tim L. (Fulcrum Wellness) Ask a fitness consultant for ways to help you work towards this movement!

Spring Bingo!

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We are thrilled to be running our first fitness challenge of 2020! See below: Spring Bingo Guidelines PDF Bingo card that you can print and fill PDF Bingo card link that you can download and fill out on Adobe Acrobat E-mail for any questions! Spring Bingo Challenge Card


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Getting into Fitness Hey everyone! Welcome to our very first article of our 2020 initiative to supply our amazing members with more health and fitness related information, as well as highlight certain features that are available here at the fitness center. Hard to believe the calendar has flipped over again, right? However, this time you’re more serious about committing to your exercise regimen. After all, everyone knows that exercise is good for you, but we’ve compiled a list of scientifically […]