Facial Stretch & Neurokinetic Therapies

Amy Shantz

2200 hr massage therapy candidate, completed 3 years of Osteopathic Manual Therapy 

BHK, CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified Neurokinetic Therapist, Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist – Level 3 Medical, Certified Fascial Fitness Trainer

Neurokinetic and Fascial Stretch Therapies:
FST TM and NKT TM are used to assist clients to improve posture, gain range of motion, loosen adhesions and tensions and to train stabilizers and weak muscles to work properly for everyday movement and performance while lessoning the chance of injury. To accomplish this, Amy does a thorough head to toe assessment using an Osteopathic Manual Therapy approach as well as Neurokinetic Therapy to decide what rigidity/tension is best to release in order to optimize movement and strength.  She combines Positional Release Technique, static compression, massage, and fascial release techniques to normalize facilitated tissue and regaining greater health and coordination.

Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from Trinity Western University in 1999. Since then she has completed a great amount of continuing education courses over the past 18 years including bone and joint, various myofascial approaches, cranial, lymph drainage, neural and visceral manipulation osteopathic manual therapy courses; massage therapy; ergonomics; the neuroscience of pain; small ball release; the Mackenzie Method for low backs; Parkinson Recovery Program; Spinal Cord Injury: Rehab Solutions for Successful Outcomes.

 About Amy:
Amy enjoys coaching and refereeing volleyball; over the years she has also enjoyed playing a wide variety of sports and also card and board games.

Fascial Stretch Therapy Prices

2 session return tune-up $160 + GST
New client 3 session trial $210 + GST
5 session package $375 + GST
10 session package $700 + GST
20 session package $1300 + GST
Single session add-on $75 + GST
(to a group or individual training purchase)

2 session return tune-up $180 + GST
New client 3 session trial $240 + GST

Booking Available Upon Request.

Please contact Amy at: enhancedmotion@gmail.com OR 403-689-9660