How do I join The Fitness Centre?
A: Just drop in to The Fitness Centre and complete the necessary application forms. The first month’s dues as well as any applicable re-joining fees are payable at the time of registration (credit card, debit card, cheque), with subsequent dues paid by automatic bank withdrawal (around the 15th of each month for that month’s dues). You will need to bring with you a “void” cheque for setting up the automatic deduction of your monthly membership dues.

How do I pay my membership dues?
A: The first month’s dues are to be paid directly to The Fitness Centre at the time of sign-up (credit card, debit card, cheque), with subsequent payments being automatically deducted from your bank account.

My employer offers a fitness subsidy program. Can I obtain documentation in order to apply for this reimbursement?
A: Yes. The Fitness Centre will draft a letter outlining the payments received for your membership dues over the time period you request. Receipts will be issued quarterly at a maximum. Please give us a few days notice to complete your request.

I have outside colleagues, friends or relatives who would like to join The Fitness Centre… are they eligible?
A: Non-tenants will be permitted to join the Fitness Centre. Spouses of Tenant members receive the Tenant rate.

Can I pay a “drop-in” fee if I want to use your facility on occasion?
A: Yes. We do allow the general public to use the facility for a $15.00 drop in fee (inc. GST). A waiver form must be completed prior to entry to the club.

What are the guest privileges?
A: Members may bring in guests at any time for a fee of $15.00 (inc. GST). The member is responsible for the conduct of their guest, who must be a minimum of 18 years of age and accompanied by the member at all times. All guests must sign an informed consent form before being permitted to use the facility.

Can spouses use the Fitness Centre?
A: Yes, there are two options: The spouse of a member may choose to sign up for the same rate. If the spouse does not wish to purchase a membership, he/she may be signed in as a guest for $15.00 per visit (see above). Guest fees for spouses will be waived on weekends and holidays, with the exception of squash court usage for which a fee is always in effect.

I would like assistance with developing my exercise program; what are my options?
A: The Fitness Centre has several knowledgeable fitness consultants on staff that may be of assistance. New members may schedule a complimentary Equipment Orientation with the reception desk staff. This appointment spans approximately 30 minutes and is designed to walk you through the basic setup of the cardio and weight machines. Leaving you with a list of exercises that combine to strengthen all the large muscles of the body. For detailed and individualized programs, personal trainers are available as a fee-based service; please see the Personal Training section on this website for details.

What types of classes does The Fitness Centre offer? Is there a fee?
A: A variety of classes are offered throughout the year, depending upon the demand. Our Program Coordinator attends conferences, workshops and keeps abreast of all the newest class formats and trends. Most classes are inclusive with the membership; however, certain “registered” classes may require a registration fee (eg. Yoga, Pilates). Please see the Exercise Classes section on this website for details.

What qualifications do your fitness staff and personal trainers have?
A: Our fitness consultants and trainers have obtained university degrees in Kinesiology or Physical Education (or equivalent). They are recognized by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEPs) or Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs), the highest national certifications in the field, and are also trained in CPR and first-aid.

What qualifications do your class instructors have?
A: Our class instructors are certified as leaders through the AFLCA (provincial body) or have had other training that allows them to instruct group classes in their specific field of expertise (eg. aerobics, resistance, yoga etc). Our Program Coordinator is responsible for assessing the capabilities of the instructors on an ongoing basis and reviews feedback from participants to ensure that classes are safe, effective and enjoyable.

Does The Fitness Centre offer fitness appraisals?
A: Yes. The Fitness Centre offers 2 types of appraisals that are fee for service. We are an Accredited Fitness Appraisal Centre (AFAC) through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. Using the Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal (CPAFLA) format, a fitness consultant will evaluate your aerobic capacity, body composition, flexibility, strength, endurance and power. Appointments last 60-90 minutes and can be booked at the reception desk. Alternatively the 7 point functional movement screen or the 12 movement golf specific assessments may be performed by one of our personal trainers.