At The Fitness Centre, we are committed to provide the highest quality training and care.

All of our trainers hold the highest nationally-recognized certifications, at a minimum, and are continually upgrading their knowledge and skills. In addition to Personal Training sessions, our trainers are qualified to conduct advanced health and fitness testing, goal-setting and lifestyle counseling, and provide general nutritional information. Individuals needing help beyond our trainers’ scope of practice may be referred to other health professionals (dietician, physiotherapy, etc.)

*Rates are shown without GST.

Program Design
If you have the drive and motivation to get it done, but need new ideas or a specifically designed program, this option may be for you. After consulting with you about your goals, exercise history and other needs, your trainer will create an in-depth routine and lead you through it to ensure proper execution (includes assessment techniques and one hour hands-on training session).

Rate: $150

One-on-One Training
Each hour-long training session is a one-on-one appointment. Your trainer will take you through fun and challenging workouts, focusing on your goals and desires. Experience increased motivation, self-confidence and energy through these rewarding workouts. Available in 5, 10 and 20 session packages.

5 Session Packages: $360
10 Session Packages: $670
20 Session Packages: $1235

Pair Training
Partner training is an excellent way to help increase the intensity of your workouts while adding more encouragement and fun. It is also a great way to stay motivated in between sessions, helping you make optimal gains.

5 Session Packages: $533
10 Session Packages: $987

Small Group PT
The more the merrier. Group training is an excellent way to help lower training costs while still working towards your goals. Friends with similar goals and fitness levels will have a blast training together as they’re taken through the paces by one of our PT staff.

3-Person Groups
5 Sessions: $706
10 Sessions: $1173-$1307

4-Person Groups
5 Sessions: $806
10 Sessions: $1493

Non-Member Training
Spouses and dependents of members of The Fitness Centre may also take advantage of our Personal Training services. A great way to open up the health and fitness benefits of exercise to your loved ones. Makes a great gift idea too!

Please contact us for Non-Member rates
Must be over the age of 18
Our trainers are available to you as a fee-based service