Getting into Fitness

Hey everyone! Welcome to our very first article of our 2020 initiative to supply our amazing members with more health and fitness related information, as well as highlight certain features that are available here at the fitness center.

Hard to believe the calendar has flipped over again, right? However, this time you’re more serious about committing to your exercise regimen. After all, everyone knows that exercise is good for you, but we’ve compiled a list of scientifically proven benefits of physical activity, from the very first day you exercise, all the way until the calendar flips again, and beyond.

To go along with the benefits, here’s 5 ways to help you begin, and stay committed to your exercise routine:

  1. Understand the pros and cons of being active or sedentary.
  2. Find activities you thoroughly enjoy (doesn’t always have to be running on a treadmill).
  3. Single out certain times of the day where you’re less busy or less productive (lunch time, before/after work) and fit in a workout.
  4. Find a buddy and attend a fitness class together, classes are complimentary to your membership.
  5. Ask for an orientation and complimentary program by one of our fantastic team members, who are all university educated, and CSEP certified.


Move of the Month

The move of the month program is a new idea to try and introduce some of our favorite exercises to all members. We’ll break down the exercise, and add an explanation to why it’s beneficial to add into your own program!


January’s Move – The Pallof Press:

Getting bored of doing all your routine core exercises? Sure – planks, crunches, maybe some leg raises will get the job done, but here’s an exercise you’re going to want to add-in to the end of your program!

As demonstrated by Ray-ann and Cam, the Palloff press can be performed in a variety of ways, with different set-ups, different types of resistance, etc. It’s a great exercise that engages your core/trunk, and can be performed by moving the hands out and back, or by holding the handle out in front of your body for a period of time (ex. 30 seconds), just make sure to do both sides! Find what works for you, or ask a member of the team what we would suggest.


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